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Lambda Theta Delta was established as a means for friends to gather, socialize, and feel connected. As a minority predominant fraternity, we understand the financial struggles of the first generation student: which is why our dues are less than a third of a typical fraternity. With a more intensive pledge process focused on creating bonds with each other, we make sure every brother is just that— a brother. 

All the differences from that of the typical fraternity give value to LTD as a vehicle for lower socioeconomic members to experience the networking opportunities and fraternity lifestyle they would have otherwise missed. Meeting people is a crucial component of attending college, and members not only become a part of a large organization of ambitious students, but get to enjoy the benefits of our network of successful alumni.

In joining, you become part of a brotherhood that will last a lifetime, with endless opportunities presenting itself even after graduation. 


In all areas of their life, our members are expected to be the best they can be in their current circumstance. Academic performance is a hallmark of excellence, and LTD consistently ranks among the highest for average GPA on campus. In the recent school years, our members, through all the challenges thrown at them, has maintained the highest GPA out of every IFC and multicultural fraternities for all three quarters.


Despite having only one chapter, LTD is situated within a network of Asian American fraternities and sororities that extends all across America. Throughout the academic year, members have the opportunity to socialize with different sororities of different schools: from USC, SJSU, UCSD, and many, many more. 


The fraternity's executive cabinet offers the opportunity to develop social and managerial skills, for whoever has the drive and ambition to do so.  Becoming a part of this team allows members to glean the inner workings of a large organization, as well as learning new financial, managerial, and social skills.

Why LTD?

Our fraternity is organized in such a way that we are able to reach an equilibrium of academic success, academic achievement, and professional development while not neglecting the social part of being a social fraternity. As the most dominant Asian based fraternity on campus, we invite you to come explore what Asian Greek life is all about during our rush week. More information about our rush week and program can be found under the "Program" tab.


Eric L.
2022-2023 President

Hello! My name is Eric, I'm from San Jose and I'm honored to serve as the president of Lambda Theta Delta for the 22-23 School year! I'm a senior studying compute science and in my free time I enjoy running, working out, playing video games, and sometimes coding.


Brian T.

2022-2023 Vice President

Hello, my name is Brian, I'm from San Jose and I'll be your Vice President for this year! I'm an upcoming 3rd year studying Computer Science, and in my free time I enjoy working out and playing basketball. I'm excited to meet everyone and grow our brotherhood even more!

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