Our Program

After being offered and accepting a bid, members enter a 10 week membership development program that aims to offer future members professional insight, build personal connections with the current brothers, and, most importantly, bond with the people they're in the program with.

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The Program

Professional Development

We prepare you for career success in our program by having experienced members who have earned internships at Amazon, Apple, J.P. Morgan and more help you learn the things necessary so that you can succeed as well. The ten week program will have various valuable workshops that you're expected to attend.


College is difficult, with many more unnecessary challenges without guidance. We equip you with the tools to succeed, provide advice on professors and classes while keeping your focus on what you're in college for: academic success.

Networking Experience

Networking is one of college's biggest benefits, being one of the last times you'll ever be surrounded by this many people your age, all going through similar experiences. Through our program there is ample opportunity to meet and make long lasting connections with people from all over California. Most importantly, the people you meet while undergoing the program will grow alongside you, creating a bond that will last a lifetime.


Having the ability to help others is the greatest honor and privilege one can have. Through service, members will develop a deeper appreciation for their community and understand the value of civic engagement for not only others, but themselves.

"You become strong by lifting others up" - Matshona Dhliwayo


Integrity, composure and strong morals are all pillars to a person's character. We dedicate ourselves to developing brothers of such values, with the program offering lessons on Title IX and more. Only through having an open mind, a cool head, and confidence will a member be able to achieve the success expected of them.